where to go outside

Start out with a location close to your home and consider visiting one of our partner organizations for a guided experience. Nature includes urban parks or greenspaces as well as wilderness. Begin with a place that works for you.

Our Partners
Parent and child outside in a forest wearing backpacks

what to wear

Prepare for possible changes in weather including rain and cooling temperatures by taking a rain jacket and/or warmer layers. Closed-toed shoes are a plus!

Child wearing boots splashing in water while it's raining
Young child playing in the snow
Young girl smiling outside in a field of beautiful sunflowers

what to take

Be sure to take water when going outside.
Extra clothing layers
First aid kit
Don't forget insect repellant and sunscreen when going outside
Bug repellant and/or sunscreen
Take a camera with you when going outside
Mobile phone or other way to take pictures
Change of clothes, extra diapers for young children
Bring your backup when going outside
tree boy-on-tree boy-on-tree

what to do

Explore, take your time, and let children notice things about their surroundings. We have plenty of activities to jump start your adventures. Keep your expectations low and be realistic about what you can accomplish on a given day.

Share your experience on social media using #takeachildoutside or uploading a picture to our website.

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staying safe

Watch wildlife from a distance that is comfortable and safe for you and the wildlife.

North Carolina snake information
Snake Information

North Carolina Snake FAQ

Learn about poisonous plants
Poisonous Plants

Poison Ivy and Imposters

For information about venomous animals or poisonous plants that may live in your area, consult your local Poison Control Center.